Public Transit Day

Public Transit is a community day of action where locals and leaders are encouraged to ride public transit as a community and post insights about their experience. The ultimate goal with Public Transit Day is for locals and leaders to prioritize improvements to our local transit system.

Urban Impact Lab joined Radical Partners in producing the inaugural Public Transit Day on December 9, 2016. 

The UI Lab team worked closely with the Radical Partners team to strategize and plan, secure funding, develop partnerships, promote and implement Public Transit Day. A key feature of this initiative was the 'Take the Pledge' campaign, which urged elected officials and residents commit to riding transit on Dec 9th. Over 40 electeds and hundreds of locals have taken the pledge in the days and weeks leading up to Public Transit Day, showing a growing desire to engage with our transit system and strong for improvements. 

The idea for Public Transit Day was generated by Dan Horton as part of the 100 Great Ideas campaign on Transit, held in Spring 2016 which was co-hosted by UI Lab's Founding Partner, Marta Viciedo. 100 Great Ideas is a community engagement platform produced by Radical Partners.